A holiday paradies for dogs.

Hunde Hotel Haase - Öschweg 5 - 72108 Rottenburg/Bad Niedernau
Tel: 0 74 72 - 76 97 - Fax: 0 74 72 - 44 16 24

Application form for leaving your dog at our hotel

Information about the dog owner

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Information about the dog

If you would like special treatment for your dog, please select (not included in price/day):

dogs to stand until 50 cm high at the shoulder:

dogs to stand over 50 cm high at the shoulder:

* dogs up 15 kg € 6,00; dogs over 15 kg € 12,00 ** free of charge from 13th day onwards per stay

Food service:

dainties: please give the desired number per day

Prices per started day:

  • per dogs up to 35 kg; easy to care for; get along well with other dogs; house trained
    out of season € 19,50
    in season € 22,00
  • per dogs over 36 kg; no castrated male dogs; dogs that need a lot of care;
    puppies up to 9 month
    out of season € 22,00
    in season € 25,00
  • per dogs over 50 kg; get no along with other dogs
    out of season € 25,00
    in season € 28,00

season facts in prices

The daily rate includes

  • food; 1 feeding/day, puppies 3 feeding/day
    - each other feeding € 2,80
  • 2 walks/day, puppies 3 walks/day
    - each other walk € 4,00/dog
  • freedom to run in fenced grounds
  • 1 administration of medication with food per day
    - each other administration of medication/day € 2,10
  • heated accommodation


  • 20% reduction from 14th day onwards / reservation
  • special rates for long-terms stays on request

Any extra care time which is required will be billed as incurred. The prices for extra services are listed in the pricelist. The Dog Hotel is also entitled to shower, brush and apply flea protection to the dog or provide a blanket for the dog in case it is not delivered of owner at the owner`s expense, even if this has not been requested by the owner, if this is necessary for reasons of animal hygiene. Payment shall be made by check or in cash when the dog is collected. If invoices are requested, we shall raise flatrate charge of 2% of the invoice sum. The extra work involved with checking in and picking up of dogs outside of our usual opening hours will be billed at a € 15,00 per started half-hour. After an hour, we are no longer obliged to take-in or hand-over a dog outside our opening hours. The owner of the dog is entitled to prove that the extra work we have incurred does not or warrant or warrants less than € 15,00 per started half-hour. If the agreed stay is prolonged or the dog is not collected, the owner of the dog shall bear the cost of the further stay. This booking is binding on receipt of the fully completed form and confirmed by the Dog Hotel. Cancellations are free of charge up to 3 weeks before the agreed stay. After this time, we charge the following cancellations fees:

cancellations 8 - 20 days before confirmed day - 20% of total price

cancellations 4 - 7 days before confirmed day - 40% of total price

cancellations 1 - 3 days before confirmed day - 80% of total price

The owner of the dog is entitled to prove that the extra work we have incurred does not or warrant or warrants less than the cancellation fee. The Dog Hotel only assumes liability within the scope of the statutory obligations, i.e. we are liable for injuries to animals in our care, impairment of its health and damage to objects the owner of the dog has left with us, only in the case of intent or gross negligence. In the event that the dog should become ill, the owner of the dog shall bear the costs of the veterinary and any additional costs during its stay in the Dog Hotel, unless we are responsible for the impairment of health. The owner of the dog shall release the Dog Hotel and its servants and assistants of any obligations to third parties insofar as these claims are not basesd on intent or gross negligence. These conditions shall be recognised for any future bookings in the Dog Hotel.

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Opening hours
10 a.m. to 12 noon and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 12 noon
Sunday and public holidays No business hours and pick up service
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